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Browser Based

Cybersoccer: The best Soccer you can play out side the NBA
Manage A Player
SoccerTrain Your Player
SoccerYou choose how and what he plays !
SoccerGet him the best contracts and the best gear !
SoccerWin awards, trophies, become world famous and have human managers fight over you !
SoccerBreak World Records and inspire rookies
Manage A Team
SoccerWin divisions, domestic or international Cups
SoccerHire\sack your friends ! Give bonuses, penalties, buy human players
SoccerChoose what and how your team plays !
SoccerImprove your stadium and facilities. Make your team the "Los Angeles Lakers" of the rookies.
SoccerBiggest Soccer Manager
SoccerGame Has Been Played Everywhere Save The Moon
SoccerNo Download (Browser Based)
SoccerGeared towards Adults, Teens, Kids (in that order)
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